Clay being prepared for wax.

The casting method used on the sculptures found in the collection is known as the 'Lost Wax' method.


Busy Working!

Nearly ready for Wax stage.

It begins with the development of the armature. This is the piece of metal used in the primary stages to give the clay work some structure and support.  After the armature is made the sculpture making begins.

Wax back from Original mould.

After the sculpture has been made the piece  is then ready to have a silicon rubber mold taken of the original.  From this a hollow casting wax is made, at this point any small additional bits can be added, seam lines smoothed over and marks are worked on.  The wax then has another shell put round it,  this time ceramic.  The wax is melted out and the molten bronze poured in. The bronze then has chemicals applied to make a patina and give the sculpture the desired finish.





Work In Progress